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The Advantages of mobile testing

Our purpose built 4wd Truck will go anywhere and can test up to 3 employees at once, in air-conditioned or heated private rooms.

Reduces employer liability.

Employees (and sometimes a supervisor) must leave the job-site to drive to a clinic, exposing the employer to potential liability. Onsite testing brings the clinic to you, eliminating this exposure.

Saves employee time and productivity.

Clinic testing results in staff being away from their job for 30 minutes to as much as 2-3 hours, costing the employer payroll dollars and productivity. Onsite testing can often be completed in less than 10 minutes and keeps employees on the job. This service makes your employees the priority. Many clinics service a wide variety of clients and often sick or injured clients are given priority over your employees. With onsite services, we are there to service your employee quickly and efficiently.

Proper protocols are followed. Our personnel perform a wide variety of procedures each day. Forensic testing must follow specific protocols by properly trained personnel or could result in the nullification of the test results. Our onsite personnel are trained and certified as collection specialist with extensive experience and knowledge in this type of testing and collections.