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Are your employees Safe4Work?

Employers have a responsibility under health and safety legislation to provide a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. This includes a workplace which is free from drugs and alcohol.

Is your workplace a drug and alcohol free environment? Safe4work will detect drug use, and recent alcohol consumption from employees. Our service is professional, private and ensures confidentiality and our testing methods and protocols are consistent with Australian Standards

Call us and our customised 4WD mobile drug and alcohol testing unit will come to you any-time and any-place. We only need each employee for about 15 minutes to administer their alcohol and drug test, then they can get right back to work.  All our testers are qualified under Australian Standards to conduct testing services.

Based in the Snowy Mountains we cover most areas of Eastern Australia
Call us at 0467535004 to learn more or schedule an appointment

Mobile Testing

The Advantages of mobile testing

Custom built 4WD testing unit

We can go anywhere and can test up to 3 employees at once, in air-conditioned / heated private cubicles.

Reduces employer liability

By having a drug and alcohol policy in the workplace your liability and insurance costs will decrease.

Saves employee time and productivity

Onsite testing can often be completed in less than 10 minutes and keeps employees on the job. This service makes your employees the priority.

Our staff are professional and  friendly  Proper protocols are followed. Our personnel perform a wide variety of procedures each day.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Ways of Testing

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